all or nothing.

I can’t apologize for my emotions. I’m a Pisces who was raised in a volatile home where no one was ever taught how to express themselves without yelling, throwing things, or tears. The tears chose me. I’m intense. Sometimes I cry at the drop of a hat, but my laughter comes just as easily. So… Continue reading all or nothing.

love yourself.

Love yourself more than anyone else. Love yourself more than anyone else could possibly love you, but also love yourself more than you love anyone else. Love yourself enough to put yourself first. We often have the desire to be a rock for others, but we serve them no purpose if we are not well.… Continue reading love yourself.

While We’re Young

These shots were taken at Vickery Creek Falls in Roswell, GA. Today as I hiked along the creek and up to the dam and waterfall, I meditated on the importance of being present and enjoying my youth. No matter how old you are, in the present you are always as young as you’ll ever be.… Continue reading While We’re Young

My Experience with the Plant-Based, Vegan Diet

My journey with the vegan (plant-based) lifestyle began in February 2016. After years of struggling with post high school weight gain, I was searching on YouTube for ways to lose weight when I came across quite a few videos about veganism. At this point, I still had an unhealthy mindset in regards to food and… Continue reading My Experience with the Plant-Based, Vegan Diet

A small lesson in perspective.

Today as I was walking home from class, I was mentally budgeting the money that I have available as I await the arrival of a few sources of income that I am expecting to come over the next couple of weeks. As I walked thinking of this, I noticed a one dollar bill on the… Continue reading A small lesson in perspective.

What Does It Mean to Know Your Worth?

“Know your worth” is a phrase that is repeated so often that it is borderline cliché, but it is such an important mantra to incorporate into your daily life. This phrase is often offered as advice to those who are dealing with issues within their romantic lives, but it can and should be applied to… Continue reading What Does It Mean to Know Your Worth?