My Skincare Routine for Soft, Glowing Skin

Maintaining good hygiene is a large part of my self-love/self-care routine. You may wonder what hygiene and self-love have to do with one another, but one of the most untalked about symptoms of depression is a disregard for one’s hygiene and appearance. I choose to maintain a specific beauty regimen because when I am not clean and neatly groomed, I notice a difference in my vibrations.


My skincare routine is simple and easy, but I must note that I am not someone who is especially prone to acne or breakouts. My acne and breakouts are mostly hormonal, and I don’t go to any great lengths to prevent them. I know that during certain times of the month, I will see a pimple or three, and I choose to just accept that and let it disappear naturally.

My main goal with skincare is to keep my skin looking soft and moisturized. My skin tends to get dry from time to time, so that is my biggest concern when it comes to skin care. My skincare routine is not limited to my face because when I break out it affects my chest, back, and other areas of my body as well. Keep reading to learn more about my skin care habits and a few of my favorite skin care products.

I limit my use of makeup.

Aside from my hormones, makeup makes me break out more than anything. If you are a person that enjoys wearing makeup, then limiting your use of it is a good idea if you are trying to get clear skin. For me, limited use of makeup doesn’t have to mean foregoing it completely.


I have two makeup routines–a light makeup routine and a full face makeup routine. My light makeup routine consists of a concealer, a tinted moisturizer, and an eyebrow product. I also add mascara to this look sometimes. This is the makeup that I wear if I’m going to work, school, or out for lunch or other daytime activities.

My full face makeup routine consists of all of the above items except I trade tinted moisturizer for foundation and add eyeliner and sometimes lipstick. I save wearing foundation for dates, concerts, and nights out at bars and clubs. For me, a foundation is too heavy for everyday usage, and I notice breakouts if I wear it for several days in a row.

I use all-natural and organic products.

Another important factor in my skincare routine for soft, glowing skin is that I try my best to stick to all-natural and organic products. I begin my nightly skincare routine by wiping away any leftover makeup residue with organic coconut oil. I find that organic coconut oil is the best makeup remover, especially for eye makeup. I also use coconut oil to moisturize my body after showering.

After I wipe off my makeup, I wash my face. This may be strange to some, but I don’t use a face wash to wash my face. Most of the facial cleansers that I have tried tend to dry out my skin. Instead, I use witch hazel, which is a natural astringent. If you choose to use witch hazel, then it is important to avoid brands that contain alcohol, especially if your skin tends to get dry. My favorite brand is Thayer’s, which is alcohol-free and made from rose-petal water and witch hazel extract.

After cleaning my face with witch hazel, I follow up with rose water. Rose water provides many benefits to the skin including:

  • Reducing skin redness
  • Healing acne, eczema, and dermatitis
  • Hydrating and moisturizing the skin
  • Healing scars and open wounds
  • Antioxidant and anti-aging properties

The aromas of rose water are also helpful in alleviating symptoms of anxiety and contributing to better sleep.

I keep my hair clean and limit my use of products.

If you have long hair and like to wear your hair down, then what you put in your hair can have a huge impact on your skin. In the past, my hair has caused me to experience breakouts on my face, chest, and back due to the quality and quantity of products that I was using. I usually do not use a lot of heavy products in my hair in order to avoid the products coming into contact with my skin and causing breakouts. The products that I do use are usually lightweight and all-natural or organic. I also do my best to keep my hair clean, and when it is oily I wear it pulled back or in braids.

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