Manifesting with the Moon | Full Moon Ritual

We can harness the energy of the moon to strengthen our power to manifest our desires using the Law of Attraction. You can do this during any of the moon’s phases. Just as I perform a manifestation ritual during the new moon phase, I also perform one during the full moon phase. Although the steps of both rituals are similar, I approach manifesting with the full moon from a different vibrational standpoint.

Full moon closeup
Full moon shot at 1200mm focal length

While the new moon symbolizes new beginnings and the renewal of energy, the full moon represents completion, cleansing, and high energy. It has been known for centuries that the full moon amplifies our emotions. This shift in emotion is the reason that we have the word “lunatic” and why the full moon is associated with mythical creatures such as werewolves. We can use this amplified emotion in a positive way to supercharge our vibrational energies towards manifesting.

I begin my full moon ritual by following the first two steps of my new moon ritual. First I set up a comfortable space that has been cleansed of negative energy. If possible, I like to perform this ritual outside under the light of the full moon. Sometimes I will open my window to let the moon shine into my space as well. I like to set my crystals and stones out under the light of the moon for charging and cleansing as well. After getting comfortable, I then get grounded through the use of meditation. After completing these steps, I begin my journaling and scripting process.

The new moon represents rebirth, while the full moon represents release.

During the new moon phase, I am usually at a stage of figuring out what I want to manifest. The intentions I set during the new moon tend to be brand new. During the waxing phases of the moon, I take inspired action and direction from the Universe to figure out ways to manifest the vibration of the intentions that I set during the new moon phase. As momentum builds in the weeks leading up to the full moon, I usually discover any blockages that are standing in the way of achieving my desired vibration.

I believe that our specific desires are our ego’s way of trying to reach a particular vibration. In my opinion, it is not the specific desire that our higher self truly wants; it is the vibration of that desire. For me, my ego’s desires usually change or become more refined during the waxing period and reach completion just in time for the full moon.

The full moon allows me to release any blockages and attachments and focus on a positive outcome. I realize the ways in which my desires are serving my ego rather than my higher self, as well as the ways in which my ego is standing in the way of true vibrational satisfaction.

Scripting During the Full Moon

While my new moon scripting process comes from a place of excitement and renewed energy, my full moon scripting process comes from a place of gratitude and satisfaction. Let’s look back at the journal example that I shared in my new moon ritual post:

I am so happy and excited that I have manifested a new job! This job brings me financial security, stability, and peace of mind. I am so grateful to have a job that fulfills me and gives me complete financial freedom. Thank you, Universe!

This entry comes from a place of having just received the physical manifestation of my desire. When I script or journal during the full moon, I take a different approach. If my new moon intention has physically manifested during the waxing phase of the moon, then I will simply write an entry expressing gratitude for the manifestation of my desire.

If it has not yet physically manifested, then I will write an entry that is a vivid visualization of my desire in the present tense. For example, if I were seeking to manifest a new job, then I would write a detailed journal entry about my first day. Journaling in this way serves to nourish our current desires, rather than to set new intentions.

Full Moon Release Exercise

After spending time focusing on my desires, I perform an exercise to release any blockages, negative thoughts, and attachments that are standing in the way of my personal growth and hindering the manifestation process. In order to perform this exercise, I take a blank sheet of paper and write the following affirmation on the top of the page:

I now lovingly and confidently release any and everything that is no longer serving me.

Then I write down the things that are no longer serving me. This can be negative thoughts, bad habits, limiting beliefs, etc. I also include any desires or intentions that I set that no longer serve my higher self because sometimes our specific desires change as we strive towards vibrational satisfaction.


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