Healing Crystals & Stones: A Beginner’s Guide

Crystals are beautiful physical manifestations of the power of the Universe.

Healing crystals and stones are used by many people in order to heal spiritual, emotional, mental, and even physical ailments. These stones are believed to be able to collect positive vibrational energies from the Sun, the Moon, and the Earth. Crystals and stones are beautiful items to bring into your life especially once you begin to understand the ways in which crystals can enhance your spiritual well-being.

I enjoy using crystals for meditation and when setting intentions to manifest my desires. Handling a crystal during meditation allows me to feel grounded and connected to the Earth. When setting my intentions for manifestation, crystals amplify my positive vibrations, especially when I choose a crystal that is connected to the feelings that I seek to manifest.

Crystals are also a great tool for balancing your chakras. There are crystals that can provide all over chakra balancing, as well as crystals that have a positive effect on specific chakras.

The Science Behind Crystals

I can admit that I was once skeptical about the energetic properties of crystals. That was until I learned that crystals are used in pretty much every piece of technology that we use in our everyday lives. Crystals are an essential element in electronic devices such as calculators, watches, and computer chips.

Marcel Vogel, an IBM scientist, observed the behavior of crystals by watching them develop under a microscope. He found that the crystals took the shape of what he was thinking about as he watched them grow. He later tested quartz specifically for its metaphysical power. He found that crystals and stones are able to store thoughts and vibrations.

If you are on a spiritual journey involving the law of attraction, then crystals are a great enhancement to your own creative abilities to manifest your desired reality.

Which crystals should I choose?

There are many beautiful crystals to choose from and each one has its own unique healing and manifesting abilities. I select crystals using two methods.

Research. You can begin your crystal journey by researching select crystals online and learning more about their healing properties. You can also begin your search by searching for crystals that provide healing in a certain area in your life. A great online resource for learning more about crystals is Energy Muse.tempImageForSave

When you go into a shop that sells crystals, they will have descriptions posted that will provide you with more information about each crystal and its mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical healing properties.

Intuition. This is my favorite method for selecting crystals. I suggest getting into a positive vibration before shopping online or in store for crystals. With a clear mind, you will notice yourself being drawn to certain crystals. In my experience, the crystals that I am intuitively drawn to tend to have a property that is significant to what I am battling or what I am currently seeking to manifest.




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