worthiness & desire

We always know what we want.

However, so many of us miss out on opportunities that can lead to our complete fulfillment due to our own personal struggles with self-worth.

When a goal seems out of reach, we ask ourselves, “How will I achieve that?”

When our desires are placed directly into our hands, we ask, “Do I deserve this?”

Some of us make our dreams smaller due to self-doubt. We might also make our dreams bigger than what we truly desire in order to keep up and compete with the success of others. Sometimes we alter our desires because they aren’t what we should want, according to everyone else.

With so many influences from the outside world impacting our decisions, it can be hard to differentiate between our genuine desires and the expectations that we assume from others. Tune in to yourself and begin to recognize the things that excite you and/or bring you happiness. Sometimes we mistake the rush of excitement for fear and anxiety, and we can misread a sense of contentment with where we are as boredom or stagnation.

Contentment has come to receive a bad reputation due to the increasing collective motive to impress those around us. However, contentment is not equivalent to mediocrity. Contentment is the state that we reach once we have achieved and received our goals and desires. Many of us who are never content or satisfied have fallen into the trap of constantly comparing ourselves to others, which is a symptom of a low sense of self-worth.

We fear dreaming too big and failing while simultaneously carrying the fear of not achieving enough. Finding worthiness within ourselves is the key. When you begin carry a strong sense of self-worth, you become confident in your ability to achieve your goals and desires, and you will know that you deserve to receive them once they arrive. You won’t question whether or not you have achieved or received enough because you will come to realize that you are just that—enough.


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