While We’re Young

These shots were taken at Vickery Creek Falls in Roswell, GA.

Today as I hiked along the creek and up to the dam and waterfall, I meditated on the importance of being present and enjoying my youth. No matter how old you are, in the present you are always as young as you’ll ever be.

It’s easy to get so caught up in planning for the future that you forget that you have a present life to live. It seems as though time is moving faster and faster the older I get, and I want to be present and enjoy every moment.

Youth is a precious thing that many people take for granted. It’s a time to explore, experience new things, make mistakes, and learn lessons. I feel as though we are never too old to do any of these things.

Much of the time, I am reserved and always striving to maintain control of my whims and emotions. However, there are brief moments in which I become intense and impulsive, and those moments are the most worthwhile. In some of those moments I have made some of my biggest mistakes, but in other ones I have made some of my best decisions or learned lessons that have changed my life for the better. These impulsive moments are when I have felt the most alive.


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