The Law of Attraction: 4 Ways to Attract Positive Vibes

I have always heard about the law of attraction in terms of the book and documentary The Secret, but it never piqued my interest until recently. I always perceived followers of The Secret as people with the life goal of becoming millionaires and attracting money, mansions, and expensive cars, and these things are not in line with my life goals. However, after a period of negative events ranging from physical illness to emotional turmoil hit me a few weeks ago, I went in search of answers to help me to get back on track. During this search, I came across numerous YouTube videos regarding The Law of Attraction.

At its very core, the law of attraction simply states that we attract the things that come into our lives through our thoughts and actions. We have the power to attract both positivity and negativity. I am convinced that I attracted the hellish week that I had a few weeks back with my own negative mindset. Every single thing that happened to me that week was something that I spoke into existence and propelled into being with the force of negative energy.

Negativity can creep into your day without notice. For example, a habit that I have dropped recently is my road rage. Something as seemingly normal as yelling and cursing at other drivers on the road creates negativity and tension. If you participate in this during your morning commute, what kind of tone do you set for the remainder of your day?

Luckily, there are many easy ways to attract positivity into your life. I, for one, do not believe that it is possible to simply have a positive mindset without partaking in positive actions. A positive mindset on its own is often a forced facade that can shatter easily at any sign of trouble. A positive mindset on its own has no foundation. When you perform sincere, positive actions throughout your day, a positive mindset is an inevitable byproduct, and as performing positive actions becomes second nature, having a positive mindset will be your default setting. Here are some easy positive actions that you can perform daily to attract positivity into your life:

Express gratitude for what you have now.

Yes, we all have our desires, but it is important to be actively grateful for the things you currently have in your life. It is important to not live in a state of lack. You can actively express gratitude through consciously listing things, big or small, that you are grateful for in your life. You can do this mentally through reflection or meditation, or by typing it out in the notes app on your phone. Some people even like to keep a gratitude journal.

Watch your words.

We attract and manifest negativity through words in ways that we don’t even realize. We tend to express things in the negative versus putting a positive spin on things. For instance, when we are running late for work we tend to say things like “I don’t want to be late” instead of “I want to be on time.” Although this slight change in syntax may seem insignificant, the former invites negativity, while the latter attracts positivity, and will be more likely to yield a positive outcome. In saying “I don’t want to be late” you are speaking your lateness into existence.

Be good to others.

Let people over in traffic. Give a few dollars to a person in need. Offer encouraging words to someone who is feeling down. Hold the elevator for someone. There are so many gestures that you can perform for your fellow humans that can attract positive things into your own life. Even more so, the people that you performed positive gestures for will be inspired to pass it on, which cultivates positivity exponentially.

De-clutter your life.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I can be a messy person. De-cluttering has helped me to cultivate more positivity in my life. I cleaned and rearranged my bedroom, threw out and sold some of my stuff, cleaned out my car, and I even cut the dead ends that I had been holding onto off of my hair. You also have to de-clutter your mind of bad memories, grudges, secrets, and gossip. Keeping your physical, mental, and emotional space clean and healthy, makes it easier to clear out negative energy and also shows gratitude for the things that you have.

All in all, the law of attraction will not make life perfect, but it does make the difficult situations much easier to deal with. I’ve noticed a huge change in how I deal with stress and anxiety over the past few weeks. I am so thankful for the difficult week that I had a few weeks back that led to my discovery of the law of attraction.


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